Our local ministry


Sunday mornings

We meet in the Whitfield Centre every Sunday morning at 10.30am. We have a creche and Sunday School classes to cater for children from age 6 upwards. The services are informal and family friendly, the expository preaching of the word of God is central, and our worship includes traditional and contemporary hymns and songs.  We meet in small groups on a Sunday evening, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon (see below).

Small Groups

At BEC we want home each group to become an outpost of heaven.  In other words, we want them to reflect to the outside world what it looks like to be God’s people, living in God’s place and living under his blessing. To that end, we aim for all our home groups to be GSG:

God focused

Servant hearted

Growth aspiring

Home groups are not a replacement for church but rather they are places where we can learn to love and serve in a local context so that we can benefit the church as a whole. Home groups presently meet in Soothill on Sunday nights (6.30pm), Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons (1.30pm).  In Home Groups we meet to encourage each other through studying the Bible and then have learnt we thank God in prayer as well as bringing to God what's on our hearts.

Prayer & Mid-week menu 

We meet to pray as a church each Wednesday evening at 7.45pm in different homes from week to week. A different topic is 'tackled' each week (for example: national concerns; world needs; mission; personal witness; church activities; work place and outreach). The meeting is open to all. It's a time of fellowship with prayer as the focus. It is where we can learn about issues relevant to the church - local and worldwide - and be inspired to bring our concerns and thanks to our Heavenly Father. Once a month we meet together in prayer triplets.


From time to time we have church picnics, outings, as well as BBQs (weather permitting) walks to the countryside... enjoying each other's company as families should because a family in God is what we are!